Specilized in project execution of capital projects
  • ✓ Impartiel project management
20 year of experiance in the bio & pharma industry
  • ✓ project management
  • ✓ qualification manageemnt
  • ✓ gmp enviroment
  • ✓ document management
  • ✓ validation support
professionel 3rd part review
  • ✓ project execution plan
  • ✓ cost estimate
  • ✓ procurement plan
  • ✓ engineering & design plan
  • ✓ project control
project management of complex project phase's
  • ✓ conceptual design
  • ✓ Basic engineering & specification
  • ✓ procurement & bidding
  • ✓ design & construction
  • ✓ project closeout
contractor involvement advantages
  • ✓ improved constructability
  • ✓ design expertise and construction knowledge
  • ✓ improved cost estimation
  • ✓ improved risk management
  • ✓ improved collaboration in the early phases
Project acadamy
  • ✓ know your cost estimate - course
  • ✓ cost estimate vs cost budgetting - course
  • ✓ risk identification and response - course
  • ✓ project management - interactive training
  • ✓ cost estimating - interactive training

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  • ✓ understand your cost estimate - course
  • ✓ cost budget setting

About us

PMOffice staff have been providing a full range of project management and project controls service since 1989, helping our clients solve their toughest project challenges. Our subject matter experts have decades of capital project expertise for owners and EPC firms. They can help you evaluate your business processes and provide recommendations and guidelines for implementing best practices as they relate to any phase of your EPC projects.

PMOffice has developed a team and network of experts in every project discipline. Whether you need are in estimating, procurement, document control, project controls or even program level management, PMOffice has the expertise your project demand for success. Our project experts have worked on a significant of project around the globe.


We have over 20 years assisted our clients in developing their Project Management Office by implementing PMO process and supporting tool fitting their needs.  


A successful project starts with a well established project management plan based on proven methodologies. PMOffice delivers impartial project managers to support your projects.

Cost estimating Service

Cost estimating and cost budgetting service for project teams and decission including reserve analysis.

Project controls

Ensure that your project are in control and your have the necessary information to adjust your project based on reliable data.

3rd party project review

PMOffice provides impartial expert review of project execution plans and cost estimates performed on estimates produced in-house or by engineering companies.

Project Management Acadamy

Unique course or traning to increase your skills and knowledge as a Project Manager or Cost Engineer.


During the past decades, moderne project management precepts have emerged to instill a vitalized, professional approach to project management across countless industries. Individual capabilities in project management have been strengthened and enlarged through a combination of developments in project management processes and practices, implementation of training programs, and introduction of automated tools that use advanced design concepts and technologies.

Practice Management

A project management methodology provides a standard, repeatable process to guide project performance from concept to completaion.

It introduces and applies generally accepted project management techniques and practices includes identification of the role and responsibilities associated with each process step. In essence, a project management methodology conveys to project management andproject team members what to do and how to do it.


The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for ensuring that the preferred business practices of the relevant organization are properly conveyed for use within the project management enviroment.

The "project governance" function provides the authority and guidance necessary to enable the PMO and other project stakeholders to pursue project management objectives that is consistent with business interest and operating standards.


Ressource management in the project management enviroment takes on as many different configurations and approaches as there are organisations and project management offices (PMOs).

Regardless of the approach used across industries and organisations, HR and PMO plays a central part in identifying and approved the resources used on projects, and it should be able to oversee or at least monitor resource utilized in the project enviroment.

Our impartial project managers ensure to bring the right knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Project management is accomplished trough the appropriate application and integration of project management methodologies and interpersonal skills.


Develop project management plan in respect for project charter is the process of defining, preparing and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive project management plan. The key benefit of this process is a central document that defines the basis of all project work.


Direct and manage project work defined in the project management plan and implement approved changes to achieve the project objectives. Direct and manage project work activities include's


Close project or phase is the process of finalizing all activities across all of the project management activities to formally complete the project or phase.

The start of a successful project starts with a good idea and a wellfounded estimate of the cost. PMOffice deliveres solid cost estimating service based on best practices that have proven themselves.


From an early phase conceptual estimate to a definitive detail estimate, PMOffice ensures the best possible quality and accuracy. With more than twenty years of experiance in the process industry, PMOffice provides the cost estimating support you are looking for.


The probability of your estimate heavily depends on the quantification of the risks involved. A risk analysis is executed using proven methodology and toolset, fully compliant with AACE international Recommeded Practices.


The process used to allocate the estimated cost of resources into cost accounts (i.e., the cost budget) against which cost performance will be measured and assessed. Budgeting often considers time-phasing in relation to a schedule and/or time-based financial requirements and constraints.

Ensure that your project are in control and your have the necessary information to adjust your project based on reliable data.


Changes occur on every project. PMOffice helps you implement a structured change management process allowing you to track scope changes troughout the engineering and construction phase allowing you to actively balance your resources and risk.


Cost and schedule monitoring the status of your project to update the project cost and time changes to the baseline. Control involves analysing the relation between the consumption of project funds to the physical work being accomplished for such expenditures.


Risk management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and controlling risk on a project. The objective of project risk management are to increase the likelihood and impact of positive events, and decrease the likelihood and impact of negative events in your project.

Our Quality management and senior consultants individually have more than 20 years of experience in planning, managing, and executing projects and programs for clients


We understand each Client’s Project needs can be unique in the requirements, scope, complexity. We therefore offer a flexible approach to each engagement with a dedicated cooperative team accountable and responsible for managing the client’s project. 


The quality control process is divided into three separate processes (IQC, IPQC, OQA), ensuring that specialized expertise is applied to each stage of our operation. This system also provides the redundancy necessary to prevent any quality problem from evading detection.

production support

We have extensive experience in supporting production departments with tasks that secure a QA approval. We develop deviations, examine all types of documents, write SOPs and ensure that qualifications / validations are performed properly.

PMOffice provides independent expert reviews. Validations can be performed on project execution plans, cost estimates or quality management plans among others produced in-house or by engineering companies. From a quick check to a thorough evaluation, the results allow you to be improve confident in the quality of your decision documents


From an early conceptual design phase to a detail construction plan, PMOffice ensures impartial review to gain the best possible solution and quality. With more than twenty years of experience in the process industry, PMOffice provides the 3rd part review you are looking for.


PMOffice provides independent expert reviews and counter estimates. Validation can be performed on estimates produced in-house or by engineering companies. From a quick check to a thorough evaluation, the result allows you to be confident in the quality of your estimates.


From an early conceptual quality management strategy to a definitive detail quality management plan, PMOffice ensures impartial review to deliver the best possible quality plan by use of recognized industrial standards. With more than twenty years of experience in the process industry, PMOffice provides the quality assurance support you are looking for.

Project Management is at the heart of everything we do. As a result we are passionate to share our expertise with others. The Project Management Academy has various courses in the profession of project management. Whether you want to learn more about project management, cost estimating or risk management, the PMOffice:academy has the right program for you.


PMOffice offers a uniqe masterclass training performed by international experts, setting global standards. The training are trailormad for Management teams, PMO's and other professionals where a uniqe and personal training by experianced experts as requested.


Participate in our uniqe interactive training program. Interactive training are recognized as the best training which can be provided to employees. By attending our interactive training course, you will experiance involvement and be faced with common project challenges to solve, by use of PM methodologies.


Do you want to increase your basis knowledges within project management knowledges ares, then you need our crach course which will increase your knowledges in a few hours. We deliver crash courses within scope management, cost estimating, scheduling, risk management. If your have special whises within project management knowledges areas, please do not hestiate to contact PMOffice to request a training which fit your needs.

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